About Me & The Misplaced Midwesterner

Mom. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend.  These are just a few titles that I hold.  My name is Kim and I have been blogging since 2006. YIKES! That seems like a long time. My blog, The Misplaced Midwesterner, started in May of 2006 with just a couple of entries and then we moved from Missouri to Louisiana. I had been reading some other blogs and was talking to my husband about it and he thought I would be good at it. I then told him my secret...I had already started one but didn't do much with it after the first few entries or had I named it yet. That evening he helped me come up with the name for my blog. We chose "The Misplaced Midwesterner" because I grew up in Kansas and Missouri and since we had moved around a bit since we got married we thought that it would be a good name for my blog. I personally LOVE the name. Since that night I have been blogging pretty regularly and I have made some pretty good friends along the way. I've even gotten a couple of my friends to start their own blogs! I have been married to my best friend, Andy, for 20 years.  WOW! We also have one child, Sam. We adopted him 11 years ago when he was just 4 months old. We celebrate "Gotcha Day" on July 7th. That is the day that we brought him home and we celebrate it as though it is his birthday. He's the light of our lives and you'll find that out quickly if you read through my blog...because I blog about him a LOT. He keeps us very active and I run him around everywhere! What mom doesn't? I love to do a lot of crafts and you will find me blogging about them some too. I really love to knit, cross-stitch and sew. My other hobbies are photography, performing in musicals/plays, cooking/baking, working in the garden/yard, and reading. 

I love to talk and write and I love comments, so please, talk back to me!


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